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Dr. Ulrich Pickl and Dr. Ulf Salzmann
Urologists, andrologists, specialists in male disorders, Munich Promenadeplatz

Alongside classic (conservative and surgical) Urology, which deals with all illnesses of the urinary organs in men and women, our practice specialises in Andrologythe medical care of the male. This covers specifically male illnesses: infertility, sexual disorders and impotence.

In the practice we also carry out day-patient surgery, such as no-scalpel Vasektomy (vasectomy = male sterilisation, ligation of the spermatic ducts).

A further related component of our practice is sexual medicine, for men and women.


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  • Urologist, Andrologist Dr. Pickl, Dr. Salzmann, Dr. Schoeler: TEL. 089 237089 0
  • Andrology: TEL. 089/237089 21
  • SEXUALMEDICINE: TEL. 089/237089 22
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